Feeling a deep spiritual love is good for our health
Give each other a hug today! It’s good our health.

Amidst all the hearts and flowers and chocolates, the fact is that love is essential for our health and well-being. The amount of love we experience in our lives correlates closely to our health and happiness. Studies show us that love promotes health in a variety of ways, and is far deeper than the romantic love that we think of on Valentine’s Day.

Love comes in many forms, such as a parent’s love for a child, social bonds with community and friends, and so on, but many of us also find love difficult to find in the hustle and bustle of impersonal cities and dysfunctional family environments. For some, love is a painful memory….

But there is a divine Love that is deeper and more profound than anything we can experience humanly; that heals the broken-hearted, gives us a more secure and permanent health, and is never lost. It is deeper than the deepest ocean, and more embracing than any human experience of love can offer.

One way I feel God’s love is in my quiet reflective moments. Sometimes, in those moments I feel a sense of quiet peace or deep joy. A belonging. I always think of that as God’s hug.

May you experience such a healthy hug today, and every day.

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