Spirituality, politics and the media are three of the things most of us don’t talk about at the dinner table.  Yet exploring and understanding how they intersect and influence our lives, community,and country is essential. So rather than leaving this discussion off the table, Christ Church Cathedral Victoria is boldly bringing it up for discussion in this month’s Forum Sunday, Sept 29th.

Beginning with a service at 10.30am, there will then be a lunch, followed by a panel discussion. Come whenever you can – all are welcome.

You can read what happened at the event in the Times Colonist,  HERE

Forum Sunday at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria
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My interest in the relationship between health and spirituality propelled me to begin writing about this topic a couple of years ago.

I am a regular contributor to several news outlets, including The Times Colonist newspaper both in print and online with the blog, Spiritually Speaking which is hosted by the Times Colonist. I also write on an interfaith blog, A Spiritual View, hosted by the Vancouver Courier.

My long-time Christian healing practice and more recent writing journey has resulted in many interesting connections with health professionals with different perspectives lead sometimes to more questions, as well as discoveries about the healing needs of – and answers for – our world.