Taking time to think about the real meaning of Easter, offers us an opportunity to uplift our thought, so that we see life much more expansively.

Easter – an opportunity to resurrect our thoughts to a new view of life

Each year the Easter season offers us a moment in time to take the opportunity to consider the deeper meaning of life. Is life really just...

Leaping from Virtual Reality to an Expanded View of Life

Reality or fiction? A popular viral video is making its way around social media. A humpback whale leaps dramatically up through a gym floor,...
Christian prayer can be meditative. The difference is that this type of Christian prayer focuses on communing with God.

When meditative prayer includes the Divine, anything is possible

“Meditation is very much like cooking lentils. The scum rises to the surface when you are doing this.” It’s an intriguing observation made by psychologist...
Is it really in our nature to be attracted to shocking and violent news - or is that just a theory?

Shocking news? Challenging theories about man’s nature

Humans are by nature attracted to shocking or violent news. At least, this is what numerous studies on the neurology of behaviour claim. Certainly,...

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