A Letter to Mothers

Amongst the shelves of any bookstore lie countless weighty opinions on how to mother, and what makes a good mother. From “Battle Hymn of...
"Beyond Right and Wrong" is a documentary sharing examples of those who have found peace through love

Documentary reveals power of peace through love

Have you looked at the news lately? Humanity is struggling with the issue of violence, hatred and revenge, and the resulting loss of peace. All...
A website in the UK helped counteract fear of terrorism. A woman found freedom from fear through a spiritual approach. We do not need to be afraid!

Conquering the contagion of fear

“An epidemic of fear” is an article regarding the Ebola epidemic in Africa that pinpoints the problem of fear resulting from over-exposure to our...
Is it really in our nature to be attracted to shocking and violent news - or is that just a theory?

Shocking news? Challenging theories about man’s nature

Humans are by nature attracted to shocking or violent news. At least, this is what numerous studies on the neurology of behaviour claim. Certainly,...

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