Looking at heffalumps of worry? Time to take back control of our thoughts

Take a break from worry with ideas from Pooh and Piglet

The adventures of a small teddy bear and his friends have charmed generations of both children and adults for decades. The characteristics of timid...
A healing from an eating disorder invites us to question the source of that healing.

Freedom from an eating disorder through a surprise discovery

Nancy Ellen Abrams had a wonderful career, and a stimulating intellectual life with her husband who was a cosmologist studying the great mysteries of why...
In both old and new approaches to health, the key question is whether we think the body is the actual source of our health. Current health theories believe it is.

Where do you go to for health advice?

Where do you go for information and advice about caring for your health needs? According to a 2011 Pew Research study, 80% of Internet...

The art of contemplative prayer

  “The time for thinkers has come,” Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, wrote on the first page of her book, Science and Health with...

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