Stereotypical images of what constitutes beauty are promoted in every age. One actress found a way through the image trap.

Finding freedom from the image trap

“Do I look fat in this dress?” This is one of the most confounding, difficult questions men have had to answer  down through the centuries...
Mary Baker Eddy had every right to believe she was a victim of life’s circumstances. But she didn't.

Mary Baker Eddy – a woman who refused to be a victim

Mary Baker Eddy had every right to believe she was a victim of life’s circumstances. But she didn't. A frail child, Eddy’s formal education came to...
Numerous studies have shown the positive side of meditation, but a new book brings a more balanced, nuanced view of this ancient religious practice.

Bringing a Balanced View to Meditation

“ Meditation is very much like cooking lentils. The scum rises to the surface when you are doing this.” It’s an intriguing observation made by...
Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, many believe detox and cleansing diets are effective in caring for their health. Is the search for purity tied to how we see ourselves?

Cleansing teas and purges – the search for purity

Cleansing and fasting are popular health words these days. Teas, juices and various additives are increasingly being touted as a way to purify our...

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