The new science of epigenetics disputes the Darwinian theory that genes alone hold the key to our destiny. So what influences the genes?

Epigenetics and its effect on our beliefs about health

“It’s all in the genes” is a comment we hear often. Whether it is about our health problems, weight issues or temperament, we have...

Creative arts bring healing to people with dementia

........... and perhaps much more. The creative arts are perhaps the strongest means of communication — building bridges that transcend language or speech; causing us...
The practical teachings of Christian Science are relevant in our technologically fast-pacedmodern life

Prayer, Spirituality have relevance in a fast-paced society

A few years ago, my friend’s daughter made a decision that seems very unusual in today’s “secular” Canada. She decided to go to a...
What does reconciliation mean? What would it look like in our world today?

The healing power of reconciliation

Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Message this year on reconciliation set the tone for what could be a world changing, yet individual, action that brings not...

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