What does reconciliation mean? What would it look like in our world today?

The healing power of reconciliation

Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Message this year on reconciliation set the tone for what could be a world changing, yet individual, action that brings not...
Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, many believe detox and cleansing diets are effective in caring for their health. Is the search for purity tied to how we see ourselves?

Cleansing teas and purges – the search for purity

Cleansing and fasting are popular health words these days. Teas, juices and various additives are increasingly being touted as a way to purify our...

Sacred pilgrimage – walking the road to health

Always ready for an adventure, a close friend of mine, Beth, decided to walk part of the famous pilgrimage walk, El Camino de Santiago...
The practical teachings of Christian Science are relevant in our technologically fast-pacedmodern life

Prayer, Spirituality have relevance in a fast-paced society

A few years ago, my friend’s daughter made a decision that seems very unusual in today’s “secular” Canada. She decided to go to a...

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