Treating Alzheimers through the creative arts brings results

Watching her mother Hilda Gorenstein slowly disappear into the labyrinth of Alzheimers disease, Berna Huebner asked her: “Would you like to paint again?” Her mother , a celebrated and...
Stereotypical images of what constitutes beauty are promoted in every age. One actress found a way through the image trap.

Finding freedom from the image trap

“Do I look fat in this dress?” This is one of the most confounding, difficult questions men have had to answer  down through the centuries...
The practical teachings of Christian Science are relevant in our technologically fast-pacedmodern life

Prayer, Spirituality have relevance in a fast-paced society

A few years ago, my friend’s daughter made a decision that seems very unusual in today’s “secular” Canada. She decided to go to a...
Looking away from self as the centre and looking toward the Divine brings a more spiritual sense o sense of existence to thought

Discovering the Divine as the centre of the universe

When Commander Chris Hadfield took command of the international space station in March 2013, he did something that no commander had done before, he...

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