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What does reconciliation mean? What would it look like in our world today?

The healing power of reconciliation

Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Message this year on reconciliation set the tone for what could be a world changing, yet individual, action that brings not...
Numerous studies have shown the positive side of meditation, but a new book brings a more balanced, nuanced view of this ancient religious practice.

Bringing a Balanced View to Meditation

“ Meditation is very much like cooking lentils. The scum rises to the surface when you are doing this.” It’s an intriguing observation made by...
Mary Baker Eddy had every right to believe she was a victim of life’s circumstances. But she didn't.

Mary Baker Eddy – a woman who refused to be a victim

Mary Baker Eddy had every right to believe she was a victim of life’s circumstances. But she didn't. A frail child, Eddy’s formal education came to...
Taking time to think about the real meaning of Easter, offers us an opportunity to uplift our thought, so that we see life much more expansively.

Easter – an opportunity to resurrect our thoughts to a new view of life

Each year the Easter season offers us a moment in time to take the opportunity to consider the deeper meaning of life. Is life really just...

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