Moving away from images of war, or seeing our bodies as a battlefield can open up a new narrative for health.

The search for a kinder narrative on health

We need a new language when talking about our health. “We talk in military terms ,” said well-known author and intuitive speaker, Carolyn Myss, during her...
New research into the connection between spirituality and healthcare is widening and growing. For example, how do religiosity and spirituality influence health in complementary but different ways?

Redefining both “health” and “care” in healthcare

When renowned Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi spoke at the 2013 World Innovation Summit on Health, she asked healthcare professionals to rethink. “The...

Less can be more in health care decisions

A conversation with Alan Cassels Does the mental aspect of our health, influence health outcomes? “Absolutely it does,” responded Alan Cassels, a pharmaceutical policy researcher...
Gardens teach us to look beyond the limited human picture and to recognize the reflection of the Divine in our lives

Life lessons from a garden

Gardens can teach us many lessons about ourselves. There is a visionary quality to being a gardener, that when developed, can bring unexpected health...

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