Every day it seems that we are assailed with apocalypse news that threatens to overwhelm many aspects of our lives and possibly destroy the world we know

X-Men: Apocalypse and the search for a loving God

Apocalypse! It seems that every day we are assailed with news from every corner of the globe that threatens to overwhelm many aspects of...

Meeting the challenge of rebuilding mental health after wildfires

This year has not just been the hottest and driest on record in many parts of North America, it has included the most devastating...
When we see ourselves in purely in gender-based terms, are we seeing the true essence of who we are? To do so so could create the society we envision.

Breaking through imposed gender stereotypes to glimpse our spiritual nature

Gender issues  are currently enjoying a resurgence in conversation around the globe, and rightly so. Are men and women really hardwired from birth to...
Human interaction with bears and other wildlife are increasing. But this can be an opportunity to see nature and our place in it differently

Encounter with a bear offers fresh view of life

Spring is well on its way here in British Columbia. The lawn mowers are already making themselves heard in our neighbourhood, whilst the blossom...

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