Rather than following the latest trend or discovery about food, dieting or fasting, turning to the timeless spiritual revelation of man’s relationship with God gives us a different recipe for life.

Fasting or feasting? Finding a better recipe for health

Fasting has long been considered a religious practice that focuses on abstaining from food and drink for periods. The purpose is to free oneself...
Every day it seems that we are assailed with apocalypse news that threatens to overwhelm many aspects of our lives and possibly destroy the world we know

X-Men: Apocalypse and the search for a loving God

Apocalypse! It seems that every day we are assailed with news from every corner of the globe that threatens to overwhelm many aspects of...
Fearing sleeplessness, and must bear the consequences could be a signal that we need a new approach to thinking about sleep.

Finding the peace that heals sleeplessness and exhaustion

Eight hours or four hours? Naps or not? What do we believe about sleep and how much we need? We all have personal experiences...
Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, many believe detox and cleansing diets are effective in caring for their health. Is the search for purity tied to how we see ourselves?

Cleansing teas and purges – the search for purity

Cleansing and fasting are popular health words these days. Teas, juices and various additives are increasingly being touted as a way to purify our...

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