Grief researchers at Columbia University, challenge the notion that grief has five stages, and is a lengthy process. Through a wide range of studies, they looked at how people grieved, and found something quite different.

Grief research is challenging our current theories about grieving

When we lose a dearly loved companion, well-meaning friends may tell us about the five stages of grief we will go through. But do...

What is health? How can we achieve it?

Health is a major topic of conversation these days. What does it mean to be healthy? What makes us sick? When I read the...
Repeatedly seeking that “feel good” effect can be the beginning of a problem that is more that we than bargained for.

The Sad Side to the Search for Happiness

Looking for the happiness that the thrill of the hunt can  at this time of year is not necessarily to be found in looking...
A healing from an eating disorder invites us to question the source of that healing.

Freedom from an eating disorder through a surprise discovery

Nancy Ellen Abrams had a wonderful career, and a stimulating intellectual life with her husband who was a cosmologist studying the great mysteries of why...

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