The beauty and inspiration of hymns that tell the story of the Nativity speaks to our spiritual centre

The story behind Silent Night: The healing influence of carol singing

Those carolers at your door or in your church have something in common – singing together inspires and connects us. It is a healing...
Christmas lights can transform our homes and communities, but one man's change of thought brought a transformation in how he saw himself and others

The transforming effect of Christmas

When most of us think about Christmas, we associate it with gift giving, family time and great food. What many hope for at Christmas...
true meaning of Christmas cannot be confined to a single day. It is the very essence of love itself and can be felt, seen, and experienced by each of us every day

Finding Christmas through a deeper sense of love

Growing up in England, Christmas was always a difficult time. My mum was a single parent. I had no siblings and we had only...
St. Valentine the healer encourages us to look beneath the superficial meaning of cards, flowers and chocolates to a deeper, healing love.

Introducing St. Valentine the healer

The legend that inspires our annual celebration of love on Valentine Day focuses on only one aspect of an interesting man – as if...

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