In a fast paced world where we expect everything to progress within a one hour TV time slot or from an instant message, activities like knitting illustrate that a deliberate, slower pace can refocus and renew our spiritual connectedness with the divine and therefore with one another.

How the activity of knitting can be a healing expression of love

Do you think that knitting is one of those obscure, old-fashioned activities that only old women do in their church basements or Senior Centres?...
Former refugee, Adrienne Carter with colleagues at the Centre for Victims of Torture, In Jordan. The headquarters for CVT is in Minneapolis, but has branches in many different parts of the world, including Jordan.

From trauma as a refugee, to finding new meaning in life

When she was 12 years old and living in Hungary, no one would have guessed that Adrienne Carter would one day be an expert...
Bullying in any form and at any age is a serious problem. We are used to hearing about it in schools, but not iso much in the workplace or social settings

Building confidence defeats bullying

Pink Shirt Day is this Wednesday, February 26. Now a worldwide movement, the Pink Shirt campaign was developed in Nova Scotia in 2007 to raise...

Finding the Good Samaritan within

There I was – flat on my back in the middle of a bike trail. Seconds before, my bike and I had suddenly parted...

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