Nelson Mandela proved that we can challenge old theories and teachings regarding the violent nature of man. We can choose a better model.

We can challenge old and new theories about man’s nature

Humans are by nature attracted to shocking or violent news! At least that is a claim made in studies on the neurology of human behaviour. Any...
We don’t have to be athletic powerhouses like Williams to be We can be empowered by our intuitions.

Don’t be a victim! Be alert to your inner superhero and take charge!

A superhero is not just for the movies and comic books. They can be you or me, refusing to be a victim. For anyone...

Meeting the challenge of rebuilding mental health after wildfires

This year has not just been the hottest and driest on record in many parts of North America, it has included the most devastating...
When we become willing to give up our individual opinions and work together, the seemingly impossible problem of climate change, becomes possible.

From global warming to a spiritual climate change

With the USA pulling out of the Paris climate change accord, the subject of global warming is again front and centre news. Predictions of rising...

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