When we see ourselves in purely in gender-based terms, are we seeing the true essence of who we are? To do so so could create the society we envision.

Breaking through imposed gender stereotypes to glimpse our spiritual nature

Gender issues  are currently enjoying a resurgence in conversation around the globe, and rightly so. Are men and women really hardwired from birth to...
Bullying in any form and at any age is a serious problem. We are used to hearing about it in schools, but not iso much in the workplace or social settings

Building confidence defeats bullying

Pink Shirt Day is this Wednesday, February 26. Now a worldwide movement, the Pink Shirt campaign was developed in Nova Scotia in 2007 to raise...
We don’t have to be athletic powerhouses like Williams to be We can be empowered by our intuitions.

Don’t be a victim! Be alert to your inner superhero and take charge!

A superhero is not just for the movies and comic books. They can be you or me, refusing to be a victim. For anyone...

Treating Alzheimers through the creative arts brings results

Watching her mother Hilda Gorenstein slowly disappear into the labyrinth of Alzheimers disease, Berna Huebner asked her: “Would you like to paint again?” Her mother , a celebrated and...

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