The practical teachings of Christian Science are relevant in our technologically fast-pacedmodern life

Prayer, Spirituality have relevance in a fast-paced society

A few years ago, my friend’s daughter made a decision that seems very unusual in today’s “secular” Canada. She decided to go to a...
How do we remember those who we barely knew? Learning about my father, and celebrating his bravery set me free from memories of rejection

Do bad memories define us? Remembering my father

Do our bad memories have the power to affect out present and future experience. It often seems that they do. But they don't have...
We don’t have to be athletic powerhouses like Williams to be We can be empowered by our intuitions.

Don’t be a victim! Be alert to your inner superhero and take charge!

A superhero is not just for the movies and comic books. They can be you or me, refusing to be a victim. For anyone...
It's not the wealth we have in our bank account that matters so much as the richness of love we have in our hearts.

For richer or poorer – the question of health and wealth

Does wealth truly makes us healthier and happier? In the 2006 movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, homeless, unemployed, single parent Chris Gardner struggles to find...

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