Forum Sunday at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria

Spirituality, politics and the media are three of the things most of us don't talk about at the dinner table.  Yet exploring and understanding how they...
Few websites discuss the emotional and spiritual preparedness needed – preparedness that positively affects our responses and our health in times of emergency.

In an emergency do you react or respond?

Emergency preparedness kits and websites are important for disaster planning, and with the recent earthquake rumblings that some felt, discussion about what to do...
Taking time to think about the real meaning of Easter, offers us an opportunity to uplift our thought, so that we see life much more expansively.

Easter – an opportunity to resurrect our thoughts to a new view of life

Each year the Easter season offers us a moment in time to take the opportunity to consider the deeper meaning of life. Is life really just...
We don’t have to be athletic powerhouses like Williams to be We can be empowered by our intuitions.

Don’t be a victim! Be alert to your inner superhero and take charge!

A superhero is not just for the movies and comic books. They can be you or me, refusing to be a victim. For anyone...

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