Spirituality, Politics & Media: A healthy society needs all voices

The dialogue in our country has two extremes, which are very vocal and divisive, and get lots of attention. But the quiet middle is...
There is a growing movement among millenials to rediscover needed stability in the structure and sacredness of church services.

The search for a happier and healthier life – does it include church?

Can we guarantee that we will live a happy, healthy, and safe life? Most people strive for this, but no one has found a...
Is maternal love a natural, spiritual capability called love, or the result of brain chemicals acting together?

Does mapping the “maternal brain” reveal the source of love?

Is mothering an innate capability or the result of maternal brain chemicals acting together? That’s the subject of a recent article published in The...
It's not the wealth we have in our bank account that matters so much as the richness of love we have in our hearts.

For richer or poorer – the question of health and wealth

Does wealth truly makes us healthier and happier? In the 2006 movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, homeless, unemployed, single parent Chris Gardner struggles to find...

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