The idea of a tech Sabbath brings to mind the spiritual teaching from ancient Judaism to keep one day a week holy – sacred. The word “holy” actually derives from the ancient English word “whole.” - so does the word “health.”

Tech Sabbath shows benefits of unplugging

On a recent Rick Steves travel program, Steves made the comment that taking a gondola ride in Venice has changed. No longer are couples...
New research into the connection between spirituality and healthcare is widening and growing. For example, how do religiosity and spirituality influence health in complementary but different ways?

Redefining both “health” and “care” in healthcare

When renowned Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi spoke at the 2013 World Innovation Summit on Health, she asked healthcare professionals to rethink. “The...
"The time for thinkers has come." Mary Baker Eddy

Rewiring the brain, or discovering consciousness?

For the past two or more decades we have been taught that the brain is an inflexible machine incapable of change once programmed at...

Are you heart healthy?

In the recent Disney hit movie “Frozen,” a young woman’s heart is accidentally frozen by her sister’s superpowers during an argument. If the antidote...

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