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this documentary shows that in each case the individual who experienced the trauma was willing to change, thus bringing peace for themselves and others. Beyond the violence and anger, deeper than the fear and desire for revenge is the transforming discovery that each of us is deeply, divinely loved.

What near-death experiences can teach us about life

According to a Gallup poll, over eight million North Americans say they have had a near-death experience, and this number is said to be...

The 10 healthiest thoughts on the planet

Isn’t there more to our health than what we eat? Every day we read articles regarding foods that experts say are proven healthy to eat....
A healing from an eating disorder invites us to question the source of that healing.

Freedom from an eating disorder through a surprise discovery

Nancy Ellen Abrams had a wonderful career, and a stimulating intellectual life with her husband who was a cosmologist studying the great mysteries of why...
Is smoking a physical addiction or a mental habit? Dr. Max Pemberton thinks he has the answer

What this doctor discovered about his smoking habit

One day, after years of being addicted to smoking, English psychiatrist Dr. Max Pemberton had an epiphany! He realized that this long-term habit was...

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