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This Thanksgiving we can be not only grateful for the year that has passed, but awe can also express gratitude for the good surely coming in the year ahead.

Thanksgiving and the practice of advance gratitude

For millions of people around the world, saying grace before a meal can be a family ritual, a conscious prayer in advance, or part...

Are you heart healthy?

In the recent Disney hit movie “Frozen,” a young woman’s heart is accidentally frozen by her sister’s superpowers during an argument. If the antidote...

Laughter – it’s good for your health

Have you had a good laugh lately? I mean a really good – deep within – laugh? Years ago, I ran across a group practicing...

Prayer offers framework for lifestyle goals, changes

Prayer is a spiritual practice with a framework  glowimages.com New year’s resolutions — that time when we promise to be better, slimmer, faster, more efficient...

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