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A website in the UK helped counteract fear of terrorism. A woman found freedom from fear through a spiritual approach. We do not need to be afraid!

Conquering the contagion of fear

“An epidemic of fear” is an article regarding the Ebola epidemic in Africa that pinpoints the problem of fear resulting from over-exposure to our...
This Thanksgiving we can be not only grateful for the year that has passed, but awe can also express gratitude for the good surely coming in the year ahead.

Thanksgiving and the practice of advance gratitude

For millions of people around the world, saying grace before a meal can be a family ritual, a conscious prayer in advance, or part...
Repeatedly seeking that “feel good” effect can be the beginning of a problem that is more that we than bargained for.

The Sad Side to the Search for Happiness

Looking for the happiness that the thrill of the hunt can  at this time of year is not necessarily to be found in looking...

Meeting the challenge of rebuilding mental health after wildfires

This year has not just been the hottest and driest on record in many parts of North America, it has included the most devastating...

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