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The practical teachings of Christian Science are relevant in our technologically fast-pacedmodern life

Prayer, Spirituality have relevance in a fast-paced society

A few years ago, my friend’s daughter made a decision that seems very unusual in today’s “secular” Canada. She decided to go to a...

Owning our Health – Do we need an app for that?

The rise of technology is beginning to make Star Trek style healthcare a possibility And would that be such a bad thing? Every year increasing...
Todd, a registered therapy dog gives loving looks and has a quiet demeanor creating an atmosphere that is calming for patients thinks owner, Dr. Jim Melling

What a therapy dog can teach us about our health

“People may tell you in detail about the pain in their elbow or leg, where and how it hurts, but they may not tell...
Is it really in our nature to be attracted to shocking and violent news - or is that just a theory?

Shocking news? Challenging theories about man’s nature

Humans are by nature attracted to shocking or violent news. At least, this is what numerous studies on the neurology of behaviour claim. Certainly,...

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