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Meta description preview:The amount of love we experience in our lives correlates closely to our health and happiness. So we can give each other a healthy hug for a start.

A hug – a healthy Valentine’s Day gift of love

Amidst all the hearts and flowers and chocolates, the fact is that love is essential for a healthy life and our well-being. The amount...

Dealing with a difficult medical diagnosis?

“A medical diagnosis of a serious medical condition is a life-altering experience. It can be a traumatic event,” remarked Courtney Cole in a recent conversation....

Choosing a healthy heart

A proactive way forward for our health. The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation released a video this month called "Make Health Last." It suggests that the choices...
A new documentary challenges prevailing beliefs about people with Alzheimer’s and illustrates their capacity to communicate.

How love can build a bridge to those with Alzheimers

Sometimes a story comes across our path that causes us to think differently about a problem. The story of Gladys and Naomi, in which...

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