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When we see happiness as a spiritual quality, we see it as the essence of man’s God-created nature rather than the result of something – i.e. some- “thing” - we have to get.

Finding the true origin of happiness

This year, Finland has been crowned the “happiest country in the world”, according to The World Happiness Report 2018, which was released by the Sustainable...
In a fast paced world where we expect everything to progress within a one hour TV time slot or from an instant message, activities like knitting illustrate that a deliberate, slower pace can refocus and renew our spiritual connectedness with the divine and therefore with one another.

How the activity of knitting can be a healing expression of love

Do you think that knitting is one of those obscure, old-fashioned activities that only old women do in their church basements or Senior Centres?...

Cell phone mishap offers window to spiritual discernment

A mishap with my cell phone recently set me thinking more deeply about spiritual discernment and how it can help us to examine the...
Human influence often persuades and pressures us to think and act in ways contrary to our best interests. But we can find freedom from those pressures.

Developing a spiritual defence against human influence

“The time for thinkers has come.” So, wrote Mary Baker Eddy in her book on Christianity and healing, Science and Health with Key to the...

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