Meditative Speace: Health Care Chapel: New York - Tobi Kahn
Health and Spirituality – Meditative Space: Health Care Chapel: New York – Tobi Kahn

A conversation with New York artist, Tobi Kahn

How can art help us heal? I wondered in the early hours of the morning last spring when visiting a relative in hospital. Seeing her, sitting there at 3am – all alone – in the large, empty and sterile waiting room, struck a deep chord within me. I wondered: Shouldn’t these spaces be filled with warmth and beauty? Do they have to be so cold, so functional? How would changing them make patients, visitors and staff feel? Might it actually impact their health?

To explore those questions, I turned to noted contemporary painter and sculptor Tobi Kahn, from New York. With work in over 60 museum collections, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Kahn has made art that evokes a sense of calm and contemplation. For the last ten years, he has created a body of work for hospitals and hospices around the world. “I am very committed to bringing healing to those who view my art,” says Kahn.

Kahn is a conceptual artist who believes in the power of beauty.  His work can be found in museums, galleries, corporations, hospitals, memorial gardens and synagogues. Kahn’s intent and hope is that when viewers feel despair they can also experience the greater power of the created world, and, at times, the Creator. “I believe that art can transform the way one feels.” …

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